Bulk URL Opener Tool | Fast Websites Opener Tool in Bulk

Bulk URL Opener provides Bulk URL Opener Online Tool.

This tool will help you to open Bulk website URLs with one click immediately. Suppose you are working in a company and you need to open lots of websites again and again, & now you are frustrated with opening the list of URLs again and again. So don’t worry, we have made this tool for you. You just simply copy and paste the URL list into our tool and see the magic. let me explain to you how this tool works.

How to use the Bulk URL Opener Tool

  • Step 1: Copy the list of website URLs and paste them into the above text box.
  • Step 2: Now click on the “Open URLs” button.
  • Step 3: Now you will see all the website URLs have been opened in new tabs very quickly.

Limitation in Bulk URL Opener’s Tool

When we open too many pages in our web browser, our web browser starts hanging. So because of this, we have allowed opening only 15 tabs at once, so that your web browser does not hang and you can open 15 tabs at a time easily.

Benefits of using Bulk URL Opener Tool

  • Time Efficiency: Opening multiple URLs manually can be time-consuming. Bulk URL opener tools allow users to open numerous links with just a few clicks, saving time and increasing productivity.
  • Ease of Use: These tools are designed to be user-friendly, often featuring simple interfaces where users can input or paste a list of URLs to open in one go.
  • Productivity Enhancement: Users can quickly navigate through a list of web pages without the need to open each link individually, streamlining tasks and increasing overall productivity.
  • Batch Processing: The ability to open multiple URLs in batches or all at once is a key feature of these tools. This is particularly useful when dealing with large sets of links.
  • Reduced Repetition: Users can avoid the repetitive task of individually opening each link, especially useful when dealing with extensive lists of URLs.

Note: Remember to allow the Pop-up option in Your browser to Use this tool as shown in the image below. 

Allow Pop-up option in chrome web browser

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