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Reverse GST Calculator

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What is a Reverse GST Calculator

A Reverse GST Calculator is an easy-to-use tool to extract Taxable amounts and GST amounts from MRP or Total Amounts.

How to Calculate GST on Total Amount | Calculate GST on MRP

There are a lot of GST calculators available online but very few are talking about reverse GST amount Calcuation. Actually when a shopkeeper wants to sell a product including the GST then he needs the calculation of GST in Reverse.

So here has provided this tool with the help of which you can simply calculate the GST amount and Taxable amount in just 1 click. You have to enter the amount including GST and our tool will show the Basic Amount which you can enter in your invoice in the basic amount column and on which tax will be applied.

Reverse GST Calculator for Bulk Amount

Formula to Calculate GST on MRP

for instance: if a mobile seller sells a mobile for Rs. 16000/- including GST 18% then he needs to calculate the Taxable amount and the tax which is included in Rs 16000/-

So you have to do a reverse calculation for it: here is the calculation below to calculate GST on MRP:

Including Total Amount = 16000

Formula to Extract Taxable amount  = (MRP/100+Tax Rate)*100

= (16000/100+18)*100

= (16000/118)*100

= (135.59)*100

= 13559

So, the Taxable Amount is Rs. 13559

Formula to Extract Tax amount on MRP  = (MRP/100+Tax Rate)*Tax Rate

= (16000/100+18)*18

= (16000/118)*18

= (135.59)*18

= 2440

So, the Tax Amount is Rs. 2440

How many Slab we have covered to calculate GST on MRP

We have considered 4 types of GST Tax slabs on our calculator, which are mainly used:

  • GST @ 5%
  • GST @ 12%
  • GST @ 18%
  • GST @ 28%

How to use Reverse GST Calculator

This tool is very easy to use, following are some steps to find the Taxable amount and GST amount for bulk calculation.

Step 1: Copy your bulk amounts list from your software like Word or Excel or Type the amount (Including Tax) manually in the Text box as given above.

Step 2: After entering amounts including Tax, click on the “Calculate” Button (as given in the image below).

Calculate GST on MRP

Step 3: Now you will get the chart of the calculated amount containing the Taxable amount and GST amount with 4 slabs of Tax, 5%, 12%, 18%, 28%

How to Calculate GST on Total Amount

Step 4: In this chart, you can see, the 1st column Including the Tax amount, and after that taxable amount and GST are shown as per 4 slabs.

Step 5: Now you can select the chart and Press the Ctrl+C button to Copy the chart and paste it into your desired software like Excel or Word.

Step 6: If you want only one slab like 18% only you can simply delete the other slabs of taxes in Excel software.

This tool has no amount limit, you can put unlimited data in the text box above and calculate the Taxable amount and GST in Bulk.

Understanding How Reverse GST Works: A Simple Guide

Explaining the Reverse GST Calculator

A Reverse GST Calculator is a tool that helps figure out how much something costs before adding tax. It uses a formula and the details you give it. Imagine you’re buying something, and you want to know the cost without the tax. This is where a Reverse GST Calculator comes in handy. It’s like a special math tool.

Why Use a Reverse GST Calculator?

  • Understanding Costs: Helps you break down the total cost of something, showing the parts with and without tax.
  • Financial Planning: Let you plan your money better by knowing exactly how much tax you’re paying.
  • Smart Buying: Gives you insights to make smarter choices when buying things.
  • No Mistakes: Unlike doing the math yourself, the calculator makes sure there are no mistakes.
  • Easy Access: You can use it online for free as many times as you need.

Knowing Your Costs with Reverse GST Calculator

Now that you know about the Reverse GST Calculator, you can easily find out how much tax you’re paying and the real cost of what you’re buying. Just remember to know the tax rate that applies to you.

What is GST?

GST is like a tax on things we buy and services we use. It started in India in 2017 and replaced a bunch of other taxes. Let’s break it down.

Types of GST

  1. State GST (SGST): The state government collects it.
  2. Central GST (CGST): Collected by the central government.
  3. Integrated GST (IGST): Used for things moving between states.
  4. Union Territory GST (UTGST): Collected by Union Territories.

What’s the GST Inclusive and Exclusive Amount?

  • GST Inclusive Amount: The total cost with tax included.
  • GST Exclusive Amount: The cost without tax.

Conclusion: Making Taxes Easier

Understanding GST and using tools like the GST Calculator helps you know exactly how much tax you’re paying. Whether you’re buying something or figuring out your own taxes, knowing the numbers makes things simpler.

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