Remove Blank Rows or Blank Lines from Data (by Just 1 Click)

Remove Blank Rows or Lines from Data

This tool will help you to remove every blank Line or Blank Row from your Bulk Data in just 1 click. some people copy data from the internet and they find there are a lot of blank lines available in their data. So what they do, is they remove blank rows one by one or some people remove blank rows with the help of Excel by applying some steps.

But with the help of this tool, you don’t need to do it one by one or no need to remove it from Excel. You just copy your data from your software like Word, Excel, or Notepad and paste it into 1st Text box above, and click on the “Remove Blank Rows” button, immediately your will get the clean data in 2nd Text Box, now just click on “Copy Data” button and paste it in your software.

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