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Split First Name | Middle Name | Last Name Online

Split | Separate | First Name – Middle Name – Last Name

Do you have a bulk list of Names that you want to split into First Name, Middle Name, and Last Name? If yes then you are at the right place.

I have provided an online tool that will help you to separate or split the bulk names list into First Name, Middle Name, and Last Name in one click only. you just need to paste your data in the above text box, let me explain to you the step-by-step process to Split or separate the names in bulk, by our tool.

Why Splitting Names is Important, why I made this tool

Let me explain to you with a real example which happened to me. I teach Excel via my YouTube channel. so people called me from time to time and asked sir, how can I split names into First Name, Middle Name, and Last Name in Excel. I asked them why they needed it. they said that they needed split names to import into software. oh, then I understand why splitting the names is important for people.

Office people split names in Excel and then import them into their software like attendance software etc., then I gave him the formula in Excel to slip names, that video was also uploaded on my YouTube channel (called “Business Excel”)

Then I think of making online tools that can be helpful for people who want to split names even if they do not know the formula of Excel to split names,

So in my tools, there is no need to learn Excel, directly copy and paste your names in the text box and it will give you split names in 2 or 3 seconds only.

This is a magical tool, I personally use it whenever I need it.

Steps to Split or Separate Names:

Step 1: First of all copy the name data from your software whether it is Excel or Word or any other software.

Step 2: After copying, paste this data in the text box as given in the image below.

Split Names as First name, Middle Name, Last Name

Step 3: Now you just need to click on the button called “Split Names“.

Step 4: Done, your names are split into 3 columns in table format First Name, Middle Name, and Last Name.

Split Names as First name, Middle Name, Last Name in bulk

Step 5: After split you will see a button called “Copy Data” When you click on it, then this whole data will be copied to your clipboard.

Step 6: Now you can go to your software whether it is Excel or Word or Notepad or any other software, go there and press the Ctrl+V button and all the split names will be pasted in that file.

So this is so simple way to split all names in just a second.

Why my Name Split Tools is different from others

I searched on Google and found there is a gap in that no website tool is providing proper results after splitting the names, they only provide First Name and Last name if the name has 2 words, if names have 3 words then what result should come out, so I thought to add middle name also into my tool, and finally, my tool easily can extract First Name, Middle Name and Last name perfectly and efficiently.

Benefits of Name Splitting Tool

  1. Splitting names with our tools reduct the risk of errors, if you split the names manually, then there are high chance of error, so by our tool, as given above there are no chances of errors.
  2. Many times email marketiers automatically pick the name from the list to email in bulk then they need names to be in separate columns as first name middle name last name. So this tool is very helpful for email marketers also.
  3. In Banks, companies, schools, colleges, or anywhere names should be in the correct form, if names are not entered properly like the difference-different column then it affects negatively. so for this situation, our tools play a very important role in splitting the names into 3 columns easily.
  4. The big thing is that our tool can convert all bulk names in just a second only, which reduces the time of converting manually or by Excel formula, when you split names manually it can take 2-3 hours to split. if someone knows the formula in Excel, then applying the formula can take 5-6 minutes to apply in the sheet but with our tools, you can do it with 1 click in just a second, Just copy and paste then click the split names button and boom, your split names already.

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