Website URL Extractor

Websites URL Extractor

Extracted URLs:

Website URL Extractor

This tool will help you to extract website URLs from any platform or file like Google/Yahoo/Bing/Text Content/Text File/Text File/Word File/Excel File.

You simply need to copy all of your data and paste it into the above-given text box and then click on the “Extract URLs” Button. After clicking on it, you will get the list of extracted Website URL addresses at the bottom of the text box.

Now, there will be 2 lists appearing as per your data. 1st list will be, which URL contains “https://” and “http://” and 2nd list will appear, which URL is without “https://” or “http://

Why this tool is helpful

This URL extractor tool is very helpful for those who are digital marketers. and helpful for those also, who want to extract website list from any type of text data.

There are several benefits of this website URL extractor tool:

1.  Link Extraction: It helps extract specific links.

2.  Powerful Solution: This tool can efficiently extract backlinks from resource pages.

3.  No Extra Data Required: It does not require additional data relevant to the website.

4.  Bulk Link Extraction: It provides a solution for extracting links in bulk.

5.  Copy & Paste Data in any software: You can easily copy extracted URLs and paste them into the desired software like- Word, Excel, Notepad, etc.

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