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How to send WhatsApp without save number (Direct WhatsApp)

Let me tell you my story. I run a business and receive many calls daily from people inquiring about my products. Often, they ask me to send the details via WhatsApp. Each time, I have to save their contact number before I can send them the product details.

Saving a large number of contacts on my phone creates confusion and takes up too much time. To solve this problem, I started writing a code for myself that allows me to send WhatsApp messages without saving the contact number. With just one click, I can send the information, saving me a lot of time.

Now, whether you are using an iPhone, Android phone, PC, laptop, or tablet, you can use this WhatsApp Direct Sender. Simply open the tool, enter the mobile number, and click on the “Chat on WhatsApp” button to start chatting without saving the contact number.

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Here’s How WhatsApp Direct Works

  1. Enter the Mobile Number: Simply enter the phone number you want to send a WhatsApp message to, including the country code.
  2. Skip Saving the Contact (send WhatsApp without contact): No need to add the number to your contacts! Our tool generates a special WhatsApp link that opens a chat directly with the entered number.
  3. Chat Directly on WhatsApp: Click the “Chat on WhatsApp” button, and boom! Your WhatsApp app will open a new chat window with the specified number, ready for you to send your message.

Benefits of Using WhatsApp Direct:

  • Keeps Your Contacts Clean: No more cluttering your contact list with temporary numbers.
  • Quick and Easy: Saves you time and effort compared to saving and deleting contacts.
  • Convenient: Perfect for one-time messages, business inquiries, or any situation where saving a contact isn’t necessary.

Ready to give it a try? Enter the mobile number and click “Chat on WhatsApp” to experience the convenience of sending messages without saving contacts!

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